I am an abstract artist working primarily with paints and dry media. I work out of my home studio in Connecticut with my family.

My work depicts the timeline of childhood. Each piece is a burst of color, bold marks and soft glazes; a melange of laughter, tears, hopes and dreams. They are fragments of escapades; a compilation of reactions and self-preservation along this passage of development. Individually, they are open, free speaking dialogues; all of which are susceptible to a variety of occurrences full of wonder and struggle. Together, they are a collection of memories: sleepless nights, stained sweaters, dance parties, fireworks, and starry eyes.

Guiding viewers on an adventure, each piece is a layered illustration of the joy, emotion, and volatile tendencies of the journey that is childhood; equal parts frustration and devotion, selfishness and altruism. Within each piece, I use paints and dry media to portray the indulgent and unapologetic nature of childhood that I am currently witnessing through my girls. Their constant curiosity and penchant for disorder is my overflowing source of inspiration.